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IQ-Bed Germany Product Care

Maintenance of faux leather / Leatherette (PU / PVC) / artificial leather

Leatherette (PU) requires a minimum of care due to its robust nature. With little effort, the material remains durable for many years. The top layer of the artificial leather/faux leather contains plasticizer. High wear or sunlight influence the PU / PVC and harden it. Our advice: Clean your leatherette furniture with a vacuum cleaner´s nozzle thereby lifting dust and loose dirt. Superficial dirt such as crumbs : Apply regular leather / leather faux conditioner and wipe off afterwards with a damp sponge and a soft microfiber cloth.

We suggest that you purchase special balm for leather and faux leather from your furniture dealer. The balm keeps the material soft. Depending on wear, clean the furniture every month with a microfiber cloth and the special faux leather balm. This will prevent premature hairline cracks on the surface. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight, as this can cause slight fading. To be on the safe side, use leather faux balm with an integrated SPF factor (Sun protection factor). Applying the leather faux protection balm can prevent fading somewhat. Always remember, it is even better to cover your furniture with a cloth or blanket when not in use.

Perspiration stains also deprives the plasticizer of a soft surface. To avoid drying out wipe area with a soft, damp cloth . In the event that small cracks are appearing, use repair leather products such as liquid leather. This is a kind of putty with which you fill scratches, cracks. After drying, adjust the colour with PU / PVC colouring liquid. If in doubt, please consult your dealer.

By following these simple instructions you get many years of usage of leather/faux:

Keep leather faux soft with balm. Use faux leather balm with sun protection factor. Cover your furniture with a cloth or blanket when the furniture is not in use. Wipe off perspiration on a regular basis with a damp cloth. Mend scratches and cracks with liquid leather. Avoid the use of aggressive detergents. They dry out the leather faux material. And damage the embossed surface. Test the appropriate cleaning methods for safety first – preferably in an inconspicuous area.

Superficial, stubborn stains, for example, chocolate:

Wipe with a damp cloth a small amount of dishwashing liquid.

Sticky stains, for example, spilled drinks:

Dip with baby oil and wipe with soft cloth

Discoloration by jeans pants:

Clean with mild detergent solution, soak and rinse surface with a damp cloth Ink stains, for example, pen: Rub stain with alcohol and wipe after drying with a moist cloth

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